Poly bag filling and sealing machine FH 210 L / FH 210 LA

The poly bag filling and sealing machine FH 210 L is an automatic machine to pack potatoes, onions, carrots and similar products into poly bags. The machine can handle premade bags or monofold film depending on the machines execution.

All motors of the machine are under frequency inverter and controlled by the microprocessor via the BUS-system.

The bags are termically sealed by wither one or two horizontal sealbars. In addition to that it is
possible to add additional sealing solutions such as tape closing, ultrasonic closing or Kwik-Lok.

The model FH 210 LA is for sensitive products such as apples and has a specially padded infeed and a
fall breaker.

up to 32 P/min (FH 210 L) – up to 26 P/min (FH 210 LA)

Pack weight:
0,5 bis 10,0 kg (depending on execution)

400 V, 50/60 Hz, max. 5 kW (with vertical sealer)

Air consump.:
max. 400 Nl/min at 6 bar (with vertical sealer)

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